Street Cred

This is my all too detailed, but still incomplete, CV.

Most of it you don’t care about. But if no one is going to hire me, I might as well show the hard work that went into making it. By my mum.




Access 31 Television “Sweet & Sour”:  BETA Tape Operator/ Stagehand. Volunteer, average 5 hours per week, March 2007 – 2010

Access 31 Television “T-Sessions”:  Unit Assistant. Volunteer, average 6 hours per week. 2007

Short film, Unit Assistant, Volunteer, Diploma Production 2007

Short film, Unit Assistant, Volunteer, Diploma Production 2007

Telethon: Stage assistant, Volunteer, 8 hours 10pm-6am, 13-14 October 2007

Business Skills Program – Australia-wide competitive group project involving starting up, marketing, running and liquidating a small business. 2004



Currently enrolled in Bachelor of Arts (Media and Information) Librarianship and Corporate Information Management with a minor in Film Studies and Broadcasting, second year




Completed Certificate IV in Screen.

Completed Certificate III in Broadcasting

Completed Certificate III in Screen.

Completed Certificate II in Screen

Kelmscott Senior High School

Successful Completion of Year 12

–     Senior English

–     Heath

–     Drama TEE

–     Industry Information Technology

–    Interactive media

–          Media Studies

Successful Completion of Year 11

–          Digital Media

–          Political and Legal Studies (TEE)

–          Biology (TEE)

–          Drama Studies (TEE)

–          English (TEE)

–          Media Studies


WA Finalist, Raw Comedy Stand Up 2011

Co-Creator, Co-Host and key writer, researcher and occasional producer of Heritage FM program The Playground 2010-present

Guest presenter and contributor, multiple, to Heritage FM program Joystick Heroes, 2010- Present

Guest presenter and former researcher for Heritage FM program Underbeat, 2010

Become the Perth Correspondent for well-liked Australian online review site The Groggy Squirrel ,2010-current

Performed at Southbound Festival, 2010

Performed at The Laugh Resort 2008 to 2011

Performed several times Chuckles competition at The Elephant and Wheelbarrow, and won once 2009-present

Performed many times at Shapiro Tuesdays at the Brisbane Hotel, including the 2008, 2009 and 2010 birthday shows and the Rick Shapiro Special Event. Also continue to write a weekly comedic flyer for them, and appeared in the promotional videos 2008-present

Performed at Market City Tavern, paid, 2009

Performed at The Comedy Lounge, Hyde Park Hotel and Charles Hotel, 2007-2010

Have written, starred in and broadcast four shows of my own on TAFE radio, and appeared in numerous others. 2008

Creator, controller and writer of blog, 2010-present

Promoted to Head of department in Sweet and Sour 2008

Worked as Second Floor Manger in Sweet and Sour, 2008

Have written numerous so called ‘funnies’ for credits on Sweet and Sour 2007/2008

Have won online competitions for script writing and ‘funnies’ 2008

Controller and creator of .Keein, my personal facebook page, as well as Architect-and-All-Round-Upstanding-Lady/194145717178 , a fan site. 2009-present, and 2010 to present.

Got very nice feedback on several assignments in Certificate III Screen 2007

Took adult part in production of Don Quotie with the Youth Ballet 2007

Took part in School Musical, key speaking role: Kiss Me Kate – Kelmscott Senior High School

Acted/Managed props for Drama Performance: Summer of the AliensKelmscott Senior High School

Nomination for Citizenship Award – John Wollaston Anglican Community School 2002 and 2003

Student Councillor – John Wollaston Anglican Community School 2003

Debating Team – John Wollaston Anglican Community School 2003 and 2004

Citizenship Award – Marri Grove Primary School 2001

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  1. lukewarmpowwow October 26, 2010 at 5:09 pm #

    Wow, I sure wanna hire that guy!

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