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My Facebook Look-Back Movie

15 Feb

My Facebook movie/ cry for help. All they left was a blunt knife to end it all, and wireless broadband.


Mr Gerald Ford, from The American President documentary

2 Feb

The real story behind our presidents’ clone.


Hax Highway: Country Music Superstar

17 Oct

Listen to Hax’s guitar tell you how it is, which appears to be ‘not great’.


More Arnold Schwarzenegger DVD Commentary

18 May

After Arnold Schwarzenegger’s DVD commentary for “Total Recall” went viral, he shared his rad commentary on other peoples movies.
We couldn’t stop him.

All rights to the respective movie, sourced from the Movie Clips YouTube channel. Look, I don’t want the lawyers on me, its bad enough to be threatened by the Swartz. That’s what I call him by the way.

[psst sorry about the spelling error]