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Duck Dead Goose

24 Oct

(at morgue, pulls sheet)
Coroner: Can you identify this man, Mr Ballam?
Ballam: Umm…no.
Coroner: …dammit
Ballam: Should I know him?
Coroner: Nah, just…lost the paperwork. Found a scaple lodged in his brain, can’t tell it was murder or my sloppy autopsy. Still!
(pulls sheet)
Coroner: How about her then? Ding a ling any bells?
Ballam: Isn’t she off the Lucky Lotto ad?
Coroner: Oh yeah! Not so lucky now. Last one…
(takes sheet off another. It’s a couch)
Coroner: Hang on, its one of these
(finds it under a sheet)
Coroner: No even sure if this one’s dead
Ballam: Tag!
Lady: Aw, you got me
Ballam: You said you were going bowling!
Lady: Just because your bad at hide and seek. My turn to count.
(Ballam runs for it)
Cororner: Just checking, your not a zomnie are you? We’ve got policies here.

Hello World!

13 Jul

Welcome to Me. This is my first post. Right. Doesn’t bode well, does it?