2014: Silent Benefactor

7 Jan

This post about my New Years Resolution is very much about me, and therefore very much boring to anyone, including myself. But, it’s here so I have a record to hold myself to.

Even the great Colbert had to bid his time.

Even the great Colbert had to bid his time.

My idea is for this to be a transition year, a rebuilding year. Results don’t matter, only effort. Now, it some ways it’s going to be harder. I won’t necessarily get the praise, or even the immediate effects, it’s going to be working on spec I suppose, laying the boring cement for foundations. But then, I was never guaranteed the praise or effects anyhow, even if I ‘make it’ I’ll always be working on spec. So what’s the difference.  The upshot is a lot less long dark nights of the soul, a lot less looking at others with jealousy, the pressure of performing is off. It’s a long game, I’m 24, I have plenty of time to do this AND enough years behind me to get away with it. I am completely an adult now.

I’ve written things like this before, so I’m not going to be too hard tough love on you, future me. Hello future me. I’m not saying to get off your arse, to finish what you started. But you might as well get off your arse, and finish what you start. Just block off a week sometimes, where this is your project, and then finish it in four days. If things happen, things happen (especially other project things), just block off another week and do it. Deadlines are finish lines.


Here are some suggestions.

12 videos by years end. That’s 1 a month. Do more, sure, 13 would be a big pat on the back, but that’s the number. Make them small if you like, make them crappy, this year is a numbers year.

3 movie scripts. This is actually quite a big one, sorry. But they can be crap. Write a crap one in 6 hours, however long those 6 hours take to collect. Two afternoons? Cool. By the way, 6 hours is bananas quick to write one, but it’s improv. It can also have room to expand on screen, ie long corridors of tension.

This is not so much an instruction, but if you right a clean and full sketch a week, that’s 52 sketches a year. That’s …what, 100 minutes of content easy. Done

Just keep writing, and performing stand up. Ideally, for every 5 minutes you do on stage you’ve written 5 minutes (of crap) to replace it. And please rehearse more; just two little run throughs won’t kill it, it’ll make it stronger. Especially for new stuff, give it a chance. Ok? Cool.

Write notes as they come. I know you’re taking them, just write them too. Good, easy

1 nice little article, your choice of topic. This is a good start.


Now, pal, this doesn’t mean you lock yourself away, or clam up when people ask, or not be your great self at parties. In fact, it means the opposite, because rejection is welcomed and expected. When you can, submit. Even if it sucks. It probably sucks.

That’s all for now. Remember, this is a year of rejections, of taking licks, of collecting scalps. Maybe next year will be too. The world is full of the best being too scared to fly, so the pretty good make the grade. Average will do for now, just do the do do. Terrible end line I know, but eh, average will do. I gotta get back to writing.


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