Pretzels, just 5c

8 Dec


(A hot pretzel vendor)

Vendor:               Hi there, would you like mustard or poison?

Lucy:                    Mustard, thanks

Vendor:             There you go. Next please, mustard or poison?

Jon:                     Feels like a mustard day

Vendor:            Right you are. Okey doke, next, mustard or poison?

Phil:                   What’s the difference?

Vendor:           One will kill you. That’s the poison

Phil:                  I better stick with the mustard then

Vendor:          Not a problem, here we go.

(to fellow vendor)

Vendor:         Man, the poison just isn’t moving today.

Kate:              Hi

Vendor:         Hello there, mustard or poison?

Kate:                Surprise me

Vendor:          Okey doke…there you go, take a bite of that.

Kate:                Mmmm, that’s the mustard right?

Vendor:          You got it.

Kate:              Actually, could grab another with poison? Actually….wait, better make it mustard. Your poison has oregano, right?

Vendor:       I’m afraid so

Kate:             Shame, I’m allergic

Vendor:       Oh, well then mustard is probably the safer choice, yeah. I  personally prefer the mustard anyhow.


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