Jungle Attack!

22 Sep


A man is running, running, running through the forest.

He is being chased by a giant tiger

He is pounced upon, and he screams fearing the worst.

But the tiger now moved on, and he gingerly gets up, ruffled and bruised but OK.

He brushes himself off, and so pats his pockets…his wallets gone

Man:                                             Oih that…that Tiger mugged me!

Cut to the tiger in a corner store. It spits out a mouthful of notes. The clerk cautiously picks it up

Announcer:                              When you get that thirst…

The tiger is outside, drinking from a saucer of chocolate milk, the many empty cartons clearly visible. 

Announcer:                               …You’ll do anything to get one  a Gold Oak Choc Milk.

A man is getting cash out from a machine.  He is pounced upon


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