10 May

Are you single? White? Brunette? Work at Cosmo coffee? Taller than that other brunette at Cosmo Coffee?

Well, golly, then sign up to http://www.DateAdamPeterScott2.biz.nz today! Or whenever, it’s cool.

Is this you? Is it? Do you know her, then? Could you show her this ad? Don’t show her this photo. Unless…no, no don’t show her this photo.

Interested in hot friendship? We have one single in your area looking for romance..or maybe less. Whatever you can spare.

Searching for that man of your dreams? Do you have weird dreams? He’s had one, he’ll tell you all about it, several times over a month. Spoiler! You’re in it. Double spoiler! So’s Megatron. Original recipe spoiler! You’re Megatron.

Wanting to meet Mr Right? Willing to settle? Come on, he’s done it for you. He’s had offers*

So why not log on, create a profile. Or just call him? He’s allowed to answer calls now!

Maybe you could come to his solo show? No? OK, calling’s fine. Reverse the charges, it’s cool. e-mail? I…HE, not I…he’s got e-mail, yeah man! What are you after, glengarryglennfairyfloss@aol.com? 547547375611183@spambot.bot.spambot/SPAM.bot@bot ? adampeterscott1972@sarahfurtner.com.au ?

So what do you have to lose? Apart from that.

Or maybe you have a friend? Or whatever. Come on!

*offer void without presentation of alcohol and evidence of hell’s fire dropping to 32 degrees Fahrenheit or below 

Made in conjunction with R.S.V.P&P.O and Adam Peter Scott – “Nerd Alert” [PICF 2012]


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