100 to 1 Obscure Movie Scenes #31: Urban Heat (1987)

16 Jan

(Frank (Charlton Heston) comes home to confront his wife (Bonnie Hunt) on her infidelity)

Frank: I know you’re cheating on me Marlene. Open the closet

Marlene: You’re crazy

Frank: Open the closet!

Marlene: You know what, fine. If I’ve got a man stashed there, I’ll give you 500 bucks

Frank: Forget it

Marlene: No no, you started this

(She opens closet defiantly. There’s a man clearly there)

Marlene: Well, that was a long shot.

Frank: I’m going to a bar. Don’t bother calling.

(He leaves)

Marlene: How are you going to leave when there’s no car in that garage!

(We hear the sound of car starting)

Marlene: Damm, not my lucky day.

Lover: You said he wasn’t coming home

Marlene: I said a lot of things


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