Hostage! Oh No!

10 Jan

(Hostage situation)

Kyle: This is just freaking perfect Todd, you said ‘let’s go to the bank on the lunch break’ I said ‘no it’ll be packed, let’s work through lunch and go later’ but we went, and guess what? The robbers thought they’d work through they’re lunch break. And aren’t they doing a killing, hopefully not literally, It just goes to show what a little capitalist intuition goes. You moron!

Todd: Ok, ok, calm down, read your book of peace

Kyle: I…I can’t I agve it to the robbers. Maybe they want kill their hostages now

(Robbers are reading the small book)

Rob 1: Your shadow is just another you, without a face

Rob 2: Thanks Dr Phil, that really takes the edge off a hard day


Todd: Look, they asked for anything fallible, that thing like a rock to me, a calm rock. I wish it was an actual rock; I could use it as a weapon. As a rock

Kyle: When they say valuable, they mean expensive, not just important

Todd: Oh. I shouldn’t have given them your insulin then.

Kyle: No, that’s quite expensive. Good job


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