Culture is going to the dogs! We love greyhounds!

15 Mar

Today our most popular programs are side shows of sex, drunkenness, and violence and cross dressing.

While in the grand days of Chaucer and Shakespeare….well, it was the same, but you couldn’t change the channel.

On the other hand, these days we have thousands of ice cream flavours.

Fuck you philosophers, we win.


The olden days were shit.

My grandfather told me in his day everyone watched the news, which went for 3 days straight because everything was new back then, and changing the channel involved a rubberised pole, a degree  and permission from the queen.

He said there was only one television set per nation, which back then was only about 16 people, plus one Johnny foreigner whom you kept away from in case you caught the communist-itus and stopped eating batter fried in additional batter.

When he was 3, or 10 in today’s measurements, he distinctly remembers…

drinking whisky from a stone bottle,

the bins would be closed on weekends,

seeing the unveiling of Australia’s first cloud,

and when the flag was still only a tiny 3 inch baby

Now, 8 World Wars and two kinds of Ireland later, he wanders around the four-up-two-down-one-to-the-side house muttering about cellophane these days, and how we’re outsourcing our homeless to India, then trying to play his record on a dog.

It’ll be sad if he didn’t do it to circus music. God love him.


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