Attention Loitering Students

13 Nov

Always wear wizard blazer


This site on which you stand has been ceremoniously ordained to act as the reception area to celebrate the Demon lord Konus’s ascension from the enflamed otherworld after his millennia long imprisonment.

The After party will begin at seven pm, casual dress, BYO vital organs.

Tickets can be purchased at the warlock Abramananananananana’s toll bridge for thirteen and twenty seven fifths of a Grote per limb per entity.

Please note, although humans, aardvarks, cucumbers and gargoyles are discouraged to attend, they may at their own risk of being devoured by the other guests, and provided they are over the age of three and without orthodontic braces.

That is all . Return slowly to your previous activities. Do not mention what you have just witnessed to any being, with or without a beard, under penalty of eternal damnation, salvation or otherwise deemed similarly transparent.

This message with self-incinerate in three hours and hirty- birteen minutes.



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