Aint Nature Funny

8 Aug
(Documentary crew sneaking in jungle wilderness)
Presenter: We are deep in the smokey lungs of the Wilpattu jungle, home of a very virulent strain of poison ivy as it turns out
(The camera turns on its side a bit with itching noises)
Presenter: Don’t scratch Frank, it’ll spread! But this dense thicket is also the home to the Sri-Lanken Leapard, one of the few predators to actively hunt humans. So, in order to preserve its natural habitat, we’ve sent out B-crew out to act as prey. Lets cut to their live feed.
2nd Presenter: We’re on the trail of the North Atlantic Cod. I’ll be the first o admit, we may be a bit lost.
(roah!, camera falls)
2nd presenter: Oh my god, no!
(cut back)
Presenter: We’ll give you all the footage at the end of the show. Have….have we cut back? Why not
Presenter: Oh my god, we’re the bait as well!
(Camera falls)
(in a board room, watching footage)

Member: Oh, I see, so it was a double whammy.
Spokesman: Actually….
(he runs into closet)
(members all run about being attacked)
(Spokesman in cupboard)
: Oh my god, they’re in here too! I’ve been tricked!
(CEO watching everything on monolithic screens)
CEO: I love my job.
(changes channel, the news and soaps are being attacked)
CEO: Great, just wonderful
(phone rings)
CEO: Hello?
(jaguar jumps out)
CEO: I’ve been tricked!
(people watching at home)
Dad: I don’t get it.
Son: Hey look dad, a package from the wilds of Sri Lanka. Should we open it?
Dad: In the ad.

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