Long Time, No Parol

27 Jul

(Rob the Robber running away, bumps into man)
Man: …..Rob??
Man: Its me, Knuckles. Mevilly Maxi-Prison, 1988-2004, parolled on bride? Come on you must remember
Rob: Did you share a cell with Mad Penis McMurphy?
Knuc: Not just a cell, but yeah! Its been ages!
Rob: Yeah yeah. What happened, why the suit? You quit the crime lark?
Knuc: Well, I’m own mens boutique, so not entirely. You still live around here?
Rob (holds up loot): Still smashing and grabbing. Yeah, well its home, you know. For a while it was house arrest, but really I got settled. My kids go to Mevilly now. And they have the same cell block 8 warden as us?
Knuc: Oh yeah, umm….Yanski. With the one eye and shank scar.
Rob: Two shanks now, thanks to my little one
Knuc: Oh good for him. But gosh, you look young as ever, haven’t changed a bit
Rob: Being on the run, you get a lot of running you know. Speaking of, I’ll let you go, just those sirens are calling my name
Knuc: Oh yeah yeah yeah. And, you know, if your ever in my neighbourhood, don’t knick my TV.
Rob: hey, no promises
(both laugh)
Knuc: But no seriously I’ll cave your head in


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