Robot Shrink (not a command)

22 Jul

The sun shed its heat like a medium sized star burning hydrogen /helium compound, the air was thick with simile, and a small psychologist’s office for the clinically metalloid was open for business

Dr Doctor: Ok Vrimzim 28669, bit of word association. Does that compute?
Vrimzim 28669: Affirmative.
Dr: Ok. Pillow
28669: Pillow
Dr: Yes, pillow
28669: I think of Pillow
Dr: Alright. Umm…Home
28669: Home
Dr: Wrench
28669: Wrench
Dr: Jupiter
28669: …..
Dr: Just the first thing in your head
28669: Jupiter
Dr: Great, Tabasco
28669: Tabasco
Dr: Love
28669: What is….Love?
Dr: I’ll but Tabasco again.


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